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This Sunday March 14th is going to be the program finale all ages concert at Nocturne Nightclub!

 (doors at 8pm Performance at 9pm  - 550 Queen St. West - west of Bathurst).

Tickets are $10 or pay what you can.  All of the proceeds are going back into the One World Glendower music program to help support the next wave of participants!

We have been hard at work rehearsing this week and today will be our last session together before the program end this weekend.

The CDs have been sent to press - the stage is ready for One World Glendower!

We are so excited that  Ausma from “This is World Town” will be joining us today: ‘As a webzine, This is Worldtown offers an edgy take on our collective yet varied experiences by providing features on politics, popular culture and individual perspectives.’  Be sure to check them out at and we’ll post a link to the article when it appears as well!

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    Here I Am-Romantica

  • Album

    Bandana Singh's Album

  • Artist

    Bandana Singh

Rough first take of “Here I Am” written and performed by Romantica Bartholomew. Recorded at the Glendower Demanding Change Space in as part of the One World Glendower music program.

“One love, one world, one family. That is what the One World program has achieved” says program participant Rayshaun Franklin. “Not only did we, a group of individuals come together as a family but it is a great space to learn brand new skills. I have opened another side of me that I wasn’t sure I had. The commitment and devoted time is needed in the community.”

Tickets for the CD Release Party are $10 and are available through Art Starts or at the door. All proceeds go towards One World: Glendower music programs.

For more information, please visit or contact Program Manager Bandana Singh at 416-801-4952 or Interim Program Director Erin Schachter at 647-330-3746

Getting Ready!

We are wrapping up this week all of our recordings and ensuring that we sound slick, and pretty! Francois - our lovely Facilitator - is going to be mastering the works shortly and we should be ready to move forward with CD pressing in the next week!

Our flyer for the event is coming together nicely as are the tickets for the CD Release and Fundraiser - plans are in motion and we’re moving forward!

This is an awesome pic taken by Liz Forsberg (Managing Director) from Art Starts of the OWG crew in our home - the Glendower Demanding Change space!

One World Glendower CD Release

So it’s Bandana here with a LONG OVERDUE update!

We’ve been working away and now we’ve got a little under 1 month prior to our official CD release performance!

It’s going to be an amazing night of performances from the OWG group and other community members and artists!

We are looking to have the event during March Break! It’s going to be crazy!

We are so psyched! The crew has been working together on some new collaborative material - hearing the first couple of takes of the collaborative sessions has been awesome.

I’ll post some SUPER ROUGH tracks so that you guys in the big wide world have a better idea of what we’ve been up to. THE FINAL MIXES ARE COMING SOON!  DETAILS NEXT WEEK!

Jade’s day at One World!


I’m here today in the GDC in ‘Dower at the One World program! I’m not really um…writing my song right now…i’m doing the blog and filming on the camcorder and helping out any way i can.

Right now Akilah and Romantica are making their beat; Travis and Matthew are making their song;  Tushawn and Mario just came in but I think they’re getting to work right now. We also had 2 new people come by - Kalifa and Isaya.

So I just want to tell everyone that everybody is getting their music together.  We are looking forward to our big performance - we’re getting the heeby-jeeby’s over it….but um by the time the day comes you know we’ll be READY!

and  I just wanted to update you guys on what’s going on so see you guys later! I’ll keep you updated either Monday or Thursdays (or any day acutually!)

So thanks for reading my first post!


From One World Glendower :)

B and Jade doing the blog!!

Jade being Jade.

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